To reduce our dependents on sources of goods and services that fail to enthusiastically support individual liberty and freedom, over time we must strengthen alternative resources like those listed below. (Note: some sites still under construction)

Anyone suggesting improvements and/or wishing to participate in the development of these resources and/or to offer financial support please contact us below.

Thank you!

Text to Voice Blogging

Independent Ad System

Balanced News Aggregator

Daily Devotionals

Buy Anything Locally

Locally Owned Taxis

Faith Friendly Social Sharing

Faith Friendly Cryptocurrency

Faith Friendly Image Sharing

Faith Friendly Market Place

Faith Friendly Web Search

Faith Friendly Text & Talk

Faith Friendly Audio & Video

Balanced News Aggregator

Locally Owned Restaurants

Checking Fact Checkers

The Golden Rule Advocacy

Own Your Channel

Human Crisis Resources

Encouraging Racial Harmony

Live Topical Subject Debates

Digital Publishing Tools

Person to Person Aid

RPN - the opposite of NPR

Independent Reporters

Unsigned Artists' Music

DUAL Business Directory

The Wisdom of Many