Funds from the “Liberty in Perpetuity” campaign help create the digital and physical infrastructure upon which our “liberty friendly” alternative communications and eCommerce channels are built.

Free to express what you believe

Principle among these is Gracklerr, a micro blogging site where users own their own Channel. At Gracklerr you cannot be blocked, doxed, banned, throttled or deplatformed for expressing what you believe to be true. You own your Channel.

Gracklerr is one of the twenty-eight sites that constitute the systems spoken of in the Declaration of a Peaceful Digital Revolution when it states: “…we can create systems that mitigate the damages of destructive powers.”

Building and operating these systems is of paramount importance to ensure our freedoms cannot be undermined by “powers that stand against liberty”.

This independent infrastructure is the foundation upon which a peaceful, digital revolution is built.

It provides the resources Digitally United Americans for Liberty (DUAL) can use to avoid providing financial “support [to] those who stand for that which leads to the destruction of our cherished liberties.”

Remember the aim, as defined in the Declaration is to: “…abate to the fullest extent possible our reliance upon or our economic support of powers that hold worldviews which, whether by design or not, tend toward the ruination of the freedoms and liberties our progenitors fought so long and hard to bequeath to us, and by extension, to all humanity.”

In the months and years ahead, what will you say you did to help protect freedom and liberty? Please do what you can now.

Thank you in advance for all the good works you do to ensure “Liberty in Perpetuity”.


To reduce our dependents on sources of goods and services that fail to enthusiastically support individual liberty and freedom, over time we must strengthen alternative resources like those listed below. First among these is Gracklerr.

Never Get Blocked

Never Get Doxed

Never Get Banned

Never Get Throttled

Never Get Deplatformed

Anyone suggesting improvements and/or wishing to participate in the development of these resources and/or to offer additional financial support please contact us below. Thank you!

Text to Voice Blogging

Independent Ad System

Balanced News Aggregator

Daily Devotionals

Buy Anything Locally

Locally Owned Taxis

Faith Friendly Social Sharing

Faith Friendly Cryptocurrency

Faith Friendly Image Sharing

Faith Friendly Market Place

Faith Friendly Web Search

Faith Friendly Text & Talk

Faith Friendly Audio & Video

Balanced News Aggregator

Locally Owned Restaurants

Checking Fact Checkers

The Golden Rule Advocacy

Own Your Channel

Human Crisis Resources

Encouraging Racial Harmony

Live Topical Subject Debates

Digital Publishing Tools

Person to Person Aid

RPN - the opposite of NPR

Independent Reporters

Unsigned Artists' Music

DUAL Business Directory

The Wisdom of Many